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4 weeks in July - August 2023

Summer Research Internship

The Summer Research Internship provides opportunities for secondary school students to undertake engineering-related research attachments for approximately one month at CityU during the summer 2023. Students will be actively engaged in CityU laboratories under the supervision of CityU PhD students and a faculty member as an advisor.

During the internship, students will:

  • develop research skills and knowledge in a specific area of interest;
  • join a world-class research team and work alongside with leading experts in the field; and
  • establish professional networks for future studies and career.

Organised By Bright Future Engineering Talent Hub/ College of Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
Official Website About Bright Future Engineering Talent Hub:
Programme/ Activity Information:

Target Participant Secondary students (S4 - S6)
  • High proficiency in English with good academic standing
  • Nominated by at least one referee teacher from the school
Registration Deadline 3 March 2023
Programme Schedule Interview: 27 March - 11 May 2023
Release of result: 31 May 2023
Internship duration: 4 weeks in July - August 2023
Venue CityU campus
Enquiry Email:
Tel: 3442 2770

IT-related Projects:

(1) Prototypes for Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing

Project Description:
Students will join CityU research teams to design, develop and test various prototypes for smart city and smart manufacturing system design and management.

(2) CityU ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Team Summer Internship

Project Description:
Students will join the CityU ROV Team to learn about the key knowledge, foundation and essential techniques to build a multi-functional ROV. They will also take part in the preparatory work for the upcoming International MATE Competition learning activities.

(3) Robotics

Project Description:
Students will build an Embedded Control System to work on a robotics project together.