Application for Secondary Schools

How to Apply?

Please read the Application Guidelines of this programme before submitting applications.

You may also refer to the following presentation materials in our briefing cum sharing sessions in June and July 2021, for details.

Applicant schools may submit their applications throughout the year within the programme period through online submission.

Submission of True Copy is not required if signed and submitted with iAM Smart’s authentication. Otherwise, the teacher-in-charge has to print the hard copy with no modification and post the true copy to the following address within five working days following the date of e-submission with the signature of the school principal on behalf of the school authority and the school chop:

Knowing More About IT in Primary Schools One-stop Support Centre
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
19/F, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
[Application for the Knowing More About IT in Primary Schools]

Upon receipt of an application, the OGCIO will conduct a screening to check its completeness and eligibility and whether the application complies with the funding scope of the programme. The OGCIO may seek supplementary information for clarification or provide suggestion and advice to the applicant school, if necessary.

Applicants will be informed of the result in writing. Basic information of the approved applications will be posted at the thematic portal of the IT Innovation Lab for general information.

After the activities have been conducted, participating schools are required to submit an annual report on the details of the activities conducted, and the expenditure and usage of the procured equipment and services by August annually.

Application Timeline

Applicant schools may submit their applications throughout the year within the programme period (2021/22 to 2023/24 school years).

The normal approval time is about one month or more upon receiving the application subject to the completeness of the application, volume of applications received at the same time and the meeting frequency of vetting committee.

For applications which require funding to be processed before the close of financial year (i.e. 31 March), schools are required to submit their applications on or before 1 February.

Sample Application Form

Some sample application forms are enclosed for reference:

Sample Application - Company Visits (elementary level)

Sample Application - Online Coding Platform (elementary level)

Sample Application - Drone Coding and Competition (Medium - Advanced level)

The following sample application forms are suitable for special schools:

Sample Application – Robotics Story Telling (elementary level)

Sample Application – IoT Smart Home (elementary – Medium level)

Sample Application – STEM Building Blocks Programming Course (elementary – Medium level)

Application Form for Primary Schools

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