Student Tech Zone

9 - 11 August 2022

STEM Carnival

A series of STEM workshops will be offered by the academic units of the College of Engineering. Students can learn interesting and practical techniques of Engineering. A 3-day Carnival featured with professional laboratory visits and hands-on experiments will help students to understand the uniqueness of each engineering academic units of the City University of Hong Kong. Students will receive certificates upon completion of each workshop.

Organised By Bright Future Engineering Talent Hub/ College of Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
Official Website About Bright Future Engineering Talent Hub:
Programme/ Activity Information:

Target ParticipantSecondary students (S1 - S6)
Registration Deadline8 July 2022
First come first served
Programme Schedule9 - 11 August 2022 (Tuesday to Thursday)
VenueCityU Campus
Tel: 3442 2770
Fax: 3442 0293

STEM Workshop Details:

(1) 3D Printing Workshop (3D Polymeric Models)

Workshop Description:
Students will learn how to use the 3D printer and print some simple 3D polymeric models by using different essential parameters.

(2) 3D Printing Workshop (Low Carbon Energy Lifestyle)

Workshop Description:
3D-aided design CAD) has become widely used, in particular in the low-carbon energy industry. In this workshop, students will learn about the basics of 3D printing, and have the opportunity to construct 3D printing prototypes, such as solar energy personal transporter, solar panel deck chair, vertical axis wind turbine street light, and renewable energy powered weather station.

(3) Industry 4.0

Workshop Description:
Students will join a half-day event with a focus on ‘Industry 4.0’. Activities include lab tours and demonstrations. Students will learn about the use of sensors, internet of things (IoT), data analytics, intelligent manufacturing and have an opportunity to work and develop smart cities and smart manufacturing prototypes on their own.

(4) LEGO Programming Workshop

Workshop Description:
Wind and solar energy are two widely-used renewable power sources in Hong Kong. Students will join the STEM LEGO building and programming activities to learn about low carbon energy sources and understand the relationship between energy and climate change.

(5) Robotics Workshop

Workshop Description:
Students will join the Robot and Structural Workshop to build a demonstrative robot in simple structure to climb onsite.

(6) Structure Lab and Smart City Digital Cluster Lab

Workshop Description:
Students will visit Structure Lab and Smart City Digital Cluster Lab to learn about AR and robot demonstration.