Case R2: Screenless Robotic Coding Workshops

  • Elementary
Target Level
  • P1 – P2

To learn, build and improve the coding mindsets, logics and algorithm-related sequences by interacting with a physical electronic coding robots, which will accelerate and enrich the learning experience of all students. Finally, understand the core concepts, develop students’ computational thinking and collaboration skills.

The school will organise a series of workshops to students which provide concrete, contextualized lessons that seamlessly integrate grade-level mathematics, English and programming activities for students. The workshops will provide story books, maps, robot and blocks for students to solve the missions. Students can learn about different subject knowledge and English vocabulary during the activities.

  • Programmable Robot
  • Story books
  • N/A
Cloud Services
  • N/A
Major Activities
  1. Hands-on session covering:
    1. Basic introduction to coding concept
    2. Basic introduction to programmable robot and the functions of the blocks
    3. Setting up the play session
    4. Programming the robot to the destination
    5. Programming under limitations
    6. Debugging if the robot cannot reach the destination.
    7. Solving problem with function blocks
  2. Share the challenges and lesson learnt
Learning Objective(s)
  • Understand the concept of sequence
  • Understand the concept of algorithm
  • Understand the concept of direction
  • Understand the concept of function
  • How to reach the destination by programming a robot
  • Learn different English vocabulary
  • 6 hours
Target No. of Students
  • About 10 - 15 students per workshop