Case O3: Experiencing the latest technology employed in the business world

  • Elementary
Target Level
  • P1 – P6

To give a real personal experience for students to know what kind of latest technology are employed by different enterprises, and how technology improves work efficiency and our life quality.

Visits are arranged for students to visit different AI enterprises / technology companies / start-ups to understand the latest technology development and how new technology are used. Briefings can be arranged by senior executives to explain the latest technology trend.

Major Activities
  • Company visits
  • Corporate briefings
Learning Objective(s)
  • Understand the latest technology development trend
  • Get the hands on feeling of how technology helps to improve work efficiency and improve people’s livelihood
  • Develop students’ interest in technology development and business applications for incubating future talents
  • Half day for each corporate
Target No. of Students
  • 30 – 100 students per visit (depending on the accommodation capacity of the corporate visiting)