Case O1: Weather station

  • Elementary
Target Level
  • P1 – P3

To experience the process of building up a simple weather station to monitor the weather and environment. In this activity, the features and principles of different components in the weather station would be taught and explained.

Essential components and other parts would be provided in the activity, including compass, accelerometer, light-sensor etc. Students will build a weather station, code and implement the programming for the weather station and collect data of the surrounding.

  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Light sensor
  • Tablet / Laptop / PC with Internet connection
  • Common programming languages like Python / Scratch
Cloud Services
  • Optional
Major Activities
  1. Theoretical session covering:
    1. Introduction to the components
    2. Working principal of different components
    3. Design and theory of the weather station
  2. Practical session covering:
    1. Combining different components of the weather stations
    2. Programing for the weather station
    3. Collect and record the data of the weather station
  3. Any other related scientific research
Learning Objective(s)
  • Knowledge of the sensors and components used
  • Equip students with design and technology
  • Learn to monitor the weather and environment through the readings
  • Total 4 lessons for a class
  • Each lesson 45 minutes
Target No. of Students
  • About 30 students per workshop