Case B1: Blockchain

  • Medium
Target Level
  • P4 – P6

To understand the concept, development and the possible applications of Blockchain.

The activity uses games to demonstrate the history of trade and lead to the invention of money, and will setup different scenarios to show the need for new types of trading models for web-based transactions.

  • Props for barter trading game
  • Tokens
  • Devices for blocks-recording (Hash and transaction details)
  • N/A
Cloud Services
  • N/A
Major Activities
  1. Theoretical session covering:
    1. Barter Economy
    2. The functions of Currencies
    3. Commodity money and Fiat Money
    4. Blockchain and the append-only ledger
  2. Practical session covering:
    1. A barter economy experience
    2. Token scenario (Token as money?)
    3. A blockchain trade simulation
Learning Objective(s)
  • The needs to shift from money-based economy to blockchain
  • The Blockchain mechanism
  • Utilities other than Cryptocurrencies
  • Theoretical session: 4 hours
  • Practical sessions: 4 hours
Target No. of Students
  • About 10 – 30 students per workshop