Case A7: 5G RV (short for Real Virtuality) Racing Course

  • Medium-Advanced
Target Level
  • P5 – P6

Through focus lessons, students drive into key concepts such as energy, mechanical systems, forces, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analysis.

The “5G RV Racing Course” rides on 5G development for RV car racing course, which requires real-time remote control for 1:10 e-sports car racing, using AI and big data analysis to improve car racing. The course will strengthen students’ communication and problem solving skills, improve their knowledge on 5G, and applications of AI and big data analysis.

  • e-sports car
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Common programming languages like MakeCode Block / Scratch / Python
Cloud Services
  • Optional
Major Activities The course covering:
  • Real-time remote control of e-sports car racing
  • Learn knowledge on 5G, applications of AI and big data analysis
  • AI coding for e-sports car racing
  • Strengthen problem solving and communication skills of students
  • 15 hours
Target No. of Students
  • About 20 students per course