Case A4: AI Fun Projects with AI Toolkit

  • Elementary – Medium
Target Level
  • P5 – P6

To provide students a comprehensive understanding of AI by allowing them to practice AI applications using AI robots and sensors. Through hands-on experience with AI gadgets, students can explore their own interest in AI, enlightening their AI-related career at an early age and preparing them for an AI-driven world.

This course will equip students with problem-solving skills and logical thinking skills, which are the two core skills necessary for today’s digital world. They will use AI robots and sensors to explore and practice various AI models that have been applied to our daily lives, including facial recognition, object detection, speech recognition, and text classification.

  • Desktop / Laptop with Internet Connection
  • AI Robots and Sensors
  • Common programming languages like Scratch / Blocky
Cloud Services
  • Optional
Major Activities
  • Complete experiments by using AI robots and sensors
  • Design creative AI robots
Learning Objective(s)
  • Learn the basics of using AI Toolkit.
  • Learn to use different sensors, such as camera, color sensors, ultrasound sensors etc.
  • Understand basic concepts of machine learning through the hands-on experiments.
  • 3 hours per session
  • Total 8 sessions
Target No. of Students
  • 20 – 30 students per workshop