Case A3: AI Image Recognition Gate

  • Elementary – Medium
Target Level
  • P4 – P6

To offer hands-on building experience and programming learning opportunities to students. In an attempt to assemble the image recognition gate with the specifically designed plastic building blocks, students will experience the AI technologies of vision recognition functions such as face detection, object detection and image classification.

The school will organise a series of learning workshops for the students. The workshops include demonstration on how AI image recognition device can be applied to invent, design, and adjust the locking system for serving various security purposes. The workshops will also provide opportunities for students to modify the built-in sample code of the AI image recognition device and experience different recognition results in an AI system. Students are expected to learn the computational thinking behind an automatic system in a broader sense and have a hands-on experience of using AI for problem-solving purpose.

  • Microcontroller board
  • Plastic building blocks
  • Smart Phone with Internet connection
  • Common programming languages like Python / Scratch
Cloud Services
  • Optional
Major Activities
  1. Theoretical session covering:
    1. Basic introduction to a vision recognition device
    2. Computational thinking skills
  2. Practical session covering:
    1. Practical work for an automatic system with example code
    2. Share the challenges and lesson learnt
  3. Problem-solving skills
Learning Objective(s)
  • How to collaborate in groups and teams
  • How to use the programming software
  • Understand the logic and operation of a vision recognition device
  • Develop the problem-solving capacities
  • Theoretical sessions: 4 hours
  • Practical sessions: 8 hours
Target No. of Students
  • About 10 – 20 students per workshop