Experience AI learning by Voice Recognition Kit and neural network

To help students experience how neural network can be applied to voice recognition by adopting an open source deep learning framework for on-device machine learning inference, and make use of pre-trained models and ready-made datasets.

The students can make use of previously configured voice recognition kit and download an open source deep learning framework from the Internet and install to the micro-controller of the kit. Meanwhile, free pre-trained models and sample raw datasets can be downloaded from the framework provider portals or Git repositories.

  • Microcontroller boards, intelligent voice board and other accessory kits such as LED bezel, flex cable, Micro SD card, push button, Micro SD card, cardboard
  • Smartphone, Windows / Mac / Linux computer, Wi-Fi connection OR
  • Monitor, Windows / Mac / Linux computer, Mouse, Keyboard, Wi-Fi connection
  • Common programming languages like Python. Linux and neural network framework like Tensorflow Lite.
Cloud Services
  • Nil
Major Activities A more advanced workshop on DIY voice recognition kit. The school will provide the necessary hardware, software and required tools.

  • Enable the network connection with WiFi and obtain IP address.
  • Download and install the updated Tensorflow Lite framework, sample datasets and pre-trained models to the previously configured DIY voice kit.
  • Students can run these models and try out those APIs to see how deep learning work for more complex dialogue.
Learning Objective(s)
  • Understand how neural network runs on-device.
  • Customise pre-trained models with sample dataset.
  • Experience more complex voice recognition.
  • Learn and study the AI sample source code provided
  • Theoretical session : 1 hour
  • Practical sessions : 30 hours
  • Medium - Hard
Target Level S4 - S6
Target No. of Students Around 3 - 4 students per one voice kit