Artificial Intelligence Theory and Practical Course

The world is changing at such an unprecedented rate that AI is now engrained in every aspect of our lives. No matter what career path your student choose to pursue, it is nice to learn more about AI and understand the fundamentals as it will be an indispensable tool in their work and daily lives. To provide students with an understanding of AI theories and fundamentals, and give them the opportunities to experiment with different AI applications using robotic learning tool and AI experiential platform.

Students can learn about the basic applications of AI technologies just like any other basic skill. The AI experiential platform and the robotic learning tool allow students to develop and apply their own AI algorithm. This is to foster students’ imagination and creativity through hands-on experience.

  • Robotic learning tool (e.g. robotics kit for learning AI)
  • AI experiential platform for students to conduct basic AI experiments
Major Activities
  1. Theoretical session covering:
    1. AI is everywhere
    2. Learning from data
    3. Image clustering
    4. Computer vision
    5. Intelligent photography
    6. Music recognition
    7. Robots
    8. Embracing the era of AI
  2. Practical session covering:
    1. Fruit recognition + optional: facial expression recognition
    2. Animal classification
    3. Face clustering + optional: facial feature scatterplotting
    4. Animal detection
    5. Image style transfer + optional: face beautification
    6. Intelligent music
    7. The virtual car
    8. Face swapping
Learning Objective(s)
  • Enable students to understand Al theories and give them the opportunities to experiment different AI applications
  • Foster students’ imagination and creativity through hands-on experience
  • 5 – 8 hours
  • Moderate
Target Level S3 - S4
Target No. of Students 10 - 20 students per workshop