Mixed Reality Workshop

To enable students to create a basic mixed reality app with immersive headsets. Students can learn how to set up for MR development and experience what can be visualised with headsets.

The school will organise a series of workshops. The themes of the workshops cover the basic MR design system and apps development tools fundamentals.

There are different types of mixed reality apps with different spectrum of experiences, such as enhanced environment apps, blended environment apps and immersive environment apps. It is important for student to understand early in their development process as to where along this spectrum their experience lies. This decision will ultimately impact both the app design makeup and the technological path for development. Students will program their own MR scenes such as room escape game or lab tour.

  • MR headsets with/without controllers
  • PC / laptop / tablet computer with Internet connection that meet the system requirements of running 3D VR engine
  • Cross-platform development engine that can be used to create 3D VR visual design
  • Headset devices SDK / APIs
Major Activities
  • Learn how to setup the camera
  • Learn techniques for developing mixed reality applications.
  • Introduce core mixed reality features such as gaze, gesture, motion control, voice, spatial sound, and spatial mapping, by using immersive device and emulator.
  • Build a room escape game or lab tour with MR headset
  • Share the challenges and lessons learnt
Learning Objective(s)
  • Equip students with technical concepts behind mixed reality and headset
  • Cultivate students' ability to experience the MR environment input and perception by building a MR prototype
  • Strengthen students' non-technical skills including creativity and innovation, collaboration skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Theoretical session : 3-6 hours
  • Practical sessions : 3-6 hours
  • Hard
Target Level S4 - S6
Target No. of Students About 10 students per workshop