Experience AI learning by Image Recognition Kit

To help students experience how AI can be applied to image recognition by assembling a DIY vision accessory kit as an intelligent camera that can see and recognise objects using machine learning.

The school will provide a set of vision kit to a group of students, around 3 - 4 students per each group. Each group will build a vision recognition device by connecting the microcontroller, intelligent vision board, camera, flex cable, push button and cardboard together. By executing the built-in AI program provided, student can experience various vision recognition function such as Joy Detection, Face Detection, Object Detection, Disk Classification, Image Classification. Further, students can study and learn the sample code inside, try to modify the program and re-train the model and output the recognition result to IoT device.

  • Microcontroller boards, intelligent vision board, camera and other accessory kits such as LED bezel, flex cable, Micro SD card, push button, Micro SD card, cardboard
  • Android Smartphone, Windows / Mac / Linux computer, Wi-Fi connection OR
  • Monitor, Windows / Mac / Linux computer, Mouse, Keyboard
  • Common programming languages like Python / Linux
Cloud Services
  • AI vision cloud service platform (Optional)
Major Activities A workshop on DIY vision recognition kit. The school will provide the necessary hardware, software and required tools.

  • Form a team of 3 - 5 students to DIY a vision recognition box device, by using the accessories provided
  • Download the updated AI library and install it to the intelligent vision board
  • Demonstrate the default pre-installed program in the intelligent board, such as joy detection function
  • Students can use the text editor to explore the sample program code, learn and study how the AI learning works
  • In advanced, students can try to modify the sample program code inside and test the program, re-train the model and evaluate
  • Link up the recognition result and output to the IoT device
Learning Objective(s)
  • DIY a vision recognition device box
  • Experience the vision recognition function from the built-in pre-trained models or download the latest program from the cloud
  • Learn and study the AI sample code provided
  • Try to modify the sample code, write their own code to output the vision recognition result to the IoT device
  • Theoretical session : 1 hour
  • Practical sessions : 30 hours
  • Medium
Target Level S4 - S6
Target No. of Students Around 3 – 4 students per one vision kit