Participation in Innovation Solution Competition

To prepare and support students to attend a competition of creating innovative solution for addressing city management problems.

The school will support its students to participate in a local competition of creating innovative solution for addressing city management problems, including arranging short-term courses of IoT applications for their preparation, supporting them to attend workshops organised by the organiser and providing technical support to the students, including hardware (e.g. IoT devices), software (e.g. Python) and cloud service (e.g. IoT service platform).

  • Microcontroller board and IoT kits included ultrasound sensor and GPS tracker
  • PC / laptop / tablet computer with Internet connection
  • IoT devices SDK / APIs
  • Common programming languages like Scratch / Javascript / C# / Python / Java / C++
Cloud Services
  • IoT service platform
Major Activities Two preparation workshops on IoT mobile applications each of 3 hours to be acquired. Besides, the school will support the students to attend workshops organised by the organiser, e.g. logistics and nominal fee for the workshops

  1. Form a team from 3 - 5 students to create an innovation solution for addressing city management problems (e.g. smart parking)
  2. Brainstorm the pain points and determine which problem to address and its solutions
  3. Design the solution
  4. Develop a prototype by teamwork, including
    1. Code the logic for the chosen solution and send the codes to a microcontroller
    2. Connect the microcontroller to an ultrasonic sensor to emulate a smart parking device with GPS tracking
  5. Test the prototype and evaluate
  6. Prepare presentation
Learning Objective(s)
  • Apply design thinking and creativity to address smart city problems with innovative technologies
  • Enhance students' ability to apply the IT knowledge and skills learnt
  • Enhance students' collaboration and presentation abilities
  • Theoretical session : 3 hours x 2
  • Practical sessions : 20 hours
  • Medium
Target Level S1 - S6
Target No. of Students 1 team of 4 - 5 students per school