Maker workshop with IoT

To introduce and practise basic programming concept with IoT device. The workshop includes how to assemble and program IoT devices and microcontrollers. Students will learn the interaction between hardware and software, thus develop and deploy real-world IoT applications.

The school will organise a series of basic IoT workshops to students. The workshops include theoretical session including the fundamental knowledge on IoT, how it works to facilitate our life and its daily applications as well as programming methodology for IoT devices (microcontrollers/end devices), and maker session for applying the knowledge learnt to work on their own IoT project. There could be presentation session for students to exhibit and explain their creative ideas.

  • Microcontroller board with IoT kits included capable of driving end devices/sensors
  • PC / laptop / tablet computer with Internet connection
  • Common programming languages like Javascript / C# / Python / Java / C++
Cloud Services
  • IoT service platform
Major Activities
  1. Theoretical session covering:
    1. Fundamental knowledge on IoT
    2. Real-life applications of IoT
    3. How to code IoT devices/microcontrollers
  2. Practical session covering:
    1. Analysing key components of above mentioned IoT applications
    2. Group projects on building IoT network or a smart home/school/city application
  3. Share the challenges and lesson learnt
Learning Objective(s)
  • Introduce students with basic knowledge on IoT and how it works to facilitate our life
  • Enhance students' computational thinking and coding skills, through programming IoT devices / microcontrollers
  • Enhance students' ability to apply the knowledge learnt to build a usable IoT application
  • Enhance students' non-technical skills including creativity and innovation, and collaboration skills
  • Theoretical session : 6 hours
  • Practical sessions : 8 hours
  • Medium
Target Level
  • Basic session : S1 - S2
  • Moderate level session : S3 - S4
Target No. of Students About 20 students per workshop