Coding Workshop - Smart Living Device

The workshop is designed to train students' computational thinking, problem-solving and design thinking skills through learning the fundamentals of coding and the use of microcontroller.

Students will learn to write codes for microcontroller board and connect it to different IoT components to make a series of smart devices under the theme of smart living. Each workshop session includes both theoretical and practical elements so that students can acquire foundational knowledge of programming while having adequate hands-on experience on coding and making.

In the last session of the workshop, students will demonstrate what they have learnt in the previous classes through showcasing their creative inventions.

  • Microcontroller board with IoT kits included RFID reader and tags
  • PC / laptop / tablet computer with Internet connection
  • Common programming languages like Scratch / Javascript / C# / Python / Java / C++
Major Activities
  1. Practical workshops (4 sessions)
    Students will learn the basics of programming and the use of microcontroller in the first 4 sessions and build different smart living devices, including smart shopping cart, personal smart device and metropolis auto device.
    1. Basics
      1. Computation thinking
      2. Electronic component connection
    2. Personal smart device
      1. Design thinking
      2. Sensors
    3. Smart shopping cart
      1. Engineering structure
      2. Programming challenge
    4. Smart city invention
      1. External connections
  2. Showcase (final session)
    Students are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to design their own smart devices and showcase their inventions during the last session.
Learning Objective(s)
  • Acquire a knowledge of coding
  • Gain an understanding of design thinking
  • Become competent in computation thinking
  • Strengthen problem-solving skills
  • Appreciate how technologies and creative innovations are improving our everyday life
  • Enhance the ability to apply IT knowledge
  • Cultivate creativity, imagination and an innovative mind-set
  • 5 sessions of Maker workshop (2 hours each)
  • Medium
Target Level S1 - S4
Target No. of Students About 20 students per class