Big Data with Cloud Computing

To enrich students' understanding of big data and its relationship with cloud computing. We expect students to learn how to extract useful information from real-life data through cloud platform. In addition, students will carry out practical exercises of various data visualisation techniques.

The school will organise a series of basic cloud-based big data solution design workshops to students. The workshops include theoretical sessions conducted in a classroom, including cloud computing characteristics and data analysis, followed by practical sessions to design a big data case study related to daily-life.

  • PC / laptop / tablet computer with Internet connection
  • Cloud platform SDK / APIs
  • Common programming languages Python / R
Cloud Services
  • Cloud-based big data service platform
Major Activities
  1. Theoretical session covering:
    1. General cloud computing knowledge on basic cloud technologies and cloud service models suitable for big data solutions
      1. Define basic cloud technologies
      2. Differentiate cloud service models
    2. Big Data on cloud platform
      1. Real-time data collection
      2. Storage and data management on cloud platform
      3. Processing on cloud platform
      4. Analysis and visualization
      5. Security
  2. Practical session covering:
    1. Group projects on building daily-life big data case study, e.g. tourist behaviour analysis with the geographical data clustering to identify tourist interests, movie recommendation based on previous watches, trending movies, searches, and ratings, etc.

  3. Share the challenges and lessons learnt
Learning Objective(s)
  • Enhance students' awareness of cloud computing in developing big data solutions
  • Equip students with technical skills in building cloud-based big data solutions
  • Cultivate students' ability to apply the IT knowledge and skills learnt
  • Strengthen students' non-technical skills including creativity and innovation, collaboration skills and problem-solving skills
  • Theoretical session: 3-9 hours
  • Practical session: 3-6 hours
  • Medium
Target Level
  • Basic session : S1 - S2
  • Moderate level session : S3 - S4
Target No. of Students About 20 students per workshop
4-5 students in a group